Remote Sensing Australia

Aerial photography

Medium format aerial photography can often be used as a cost-effective replacement for traditional large format photography, and without compromising quality. More importantly, it is well-suited to niche applications where large format photography cannot be used, such as where very high resolution is required.

Remote Sensing Australia can supply medium format aerial photography anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. Imagery can be acquired in natural colour, or colour infrared. Recently we have successfully undertaken projects where ground resolutions as small as 1cm have been acquired.

Medium format aerial photography is suitable for many mapping applications, such as:

  • environmental monitoring
  • coastal zone mapping
  • engineering projects
  • disaster management
  • natural resource mapping

Since Nearmap moved to a "user-pays" licence fee system in late 2012, Remote Sensing Australia has become a leading supplier of cost-effective aerial photography. With our strong track record in airborne data acquisition, we can undertake almost any aerial photography project, no matter how big or small.

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