Remote Sensing Australia

Feral animal detection

Airborne thermal imagery can be used for feral animal surveys. Any animal with a heat signature will show up against cooler background vegetation. Over the past few years, we have undertaken surveys of camels and deer. The same technology can also be used to identify goats, pigs and most other medium to large feral animals.

urban heat image

In addition to building the imaging system, we continue to develop our own image processing and interpretation software to support feral animal surveys. The imaging system and software can be adapted to customers' specific needs.

According to recent research, the presence of feral animals in both urban and rural areas is an issue that can no longer be ignored. In addition to destroying native vegetation, feral animals pose a risk to society, as vectors of disease, and as hazards on roads. Control of feral animals can only be successful when carried out in conjunction with accurate monitoring programmes. Our research has shown that thermal imaging is the safest, most accurate, and most cost-effective method of surveying feral animal populations.

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