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Split picking calculator

The calculator on this page can be used to see how much money you can save if you were to use split picking in your vineyard. Just add numbers to the table below, and click the "Calculate" button.

It is assumed that the block will be split into two zones (1 & 2), and each zone picked separately. You'll need to estimate how many hectares make up each zone, what the yield will be from each zone, and how much those grapes will be worth.

You'll also need to estimate what the yield would be, and what the value of the grapes would be, if the block were picked normally. The profit from split picking is calculated by comparing income from split picking with the income from normal picking. Note that this calculator does not factor in the extra picking costs.

Zone Hectares Yield
per hectare)
per tonne
of grapes
per tonne
per bottle
of wine
1 $ $ $ $
2 $ $ $ $
Both $ $ $ $
Profit $ Profit $